“Teaching in the Boston area for the last 10 years has given me the opportunity to bring together all that has motivated me and inspired me and share it with my friends in the form of a unique yoga class.”

Kathy’s unique background in movement as a Dancer, Choreographer, Pilates instructor, Nia student and Yoga Teacher has brought her a greater awareness of the mind, body and Spirit connection. This passes along to her clients.

Yoga2Music – A Yoga Flow to Music. A Great Workout & Lots of Fun.

Basic Yoga Class – A Class for Beginners. All Levels Welcome.

Girls Only Class – Combination of Yoga and Dance. All Levels.

Couples Yoga Class – Couples, Yoga, Candlelight, Music and Food. Comfortable clothing and open mind.

Candlelight Meditation Class – Stretching, Breathing, Readings and Occasional Guest Speaker.

All classes engage 3 yoga elements:

The Mind, the Body and Stillness.

For the mind… we begin class with a quiet moment to reflect on things you may be grateful for in your life. Focusing on gratitude keeps you in the present moment. Gratitude is the elixir of the soul.

For the body… we go to the mats and move! Yoga can transform your body to a level of athleticism you will find astounding. Flexibility, Strength and Endurance are all results in the body. We do a yoga flow to music that will inspire you to work harder, breathe deeper, break a sweat and free your body to enjoy another day!

For the stillness… we practice a quiet, insightful meditation to re-balance our energy and nourish our souls. While in the stillness we quietly reach for the peace that lies deep in all of us.

Through movement we find stillness. In stillness we find Peace.